Linco Studio Lighting Light Video Photo Softbox Photography Kit Backdrop Muslin

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  • Pheno 3 in 1 Photography Square Studio Photo Silver Umbrella Reflector Softbox
  • Square Soft White Umbrella: Deeper and Less Light Loss
  • Big Handle Single Light Head´╝ÜCooper Power Code, Ceramic Base with Protector and dirt-proof Cap
  • 7 Feet High 10 Feet Wide Background Support System (4 Sections)

Product Details

Product Description

2 x Linco#3402-1 24" Pheno Square Soft White Translucent Umbrella
- More deep than traditional Umbrellas
- Less light loss than tranditional Umbrellas
- Almost the same size with 33" traditional Umbrellas (because its diagonal is 34")

2 x Linco#3402-2 24" Photography Studio Pheno Square Silver Umbrella Reflector Softbox
- 3 functions in 1: softbox, reflector, umbrella (with a diffuser)
- Umbrella-style softbox: Easy to Assamble
- Can be installed or uninstalled on the light head

4 x Linco#5110 Cirrus Single Light Head with Ceramic Base Protector and Dirt-proof cap
- E27 Ceramic Base
- Cooper Power cord with on/off switch
- New Designed feature 1: Big Handle Body

4 x Linco#8806 Zenith 77" Light Weight Light Stand

4 x Linco#PP171054 Photography Studio Softwhite Bulb (4100K)
- Regular Srew Bace E26.
- More Enery Efficient (Use 23w Energy, Produce 100w Lighting)

1 x Linco#4152 Linco Zenith Backdrop Stand Support System
- 7 feet high backdrop stand (3 sections) with bigger and safer footprint
- 10 feet wide Crossbar Support (4 Sections), connected by single action locks, adjustable

1 x Linco#GEN0510T Photography Studio Green Screen Backdrop Muslin Background(5 x 10 Feet)

1 x Linco#WH0510T Photography Studio White Screen Backdrop Muslin Background(5 x 10 Feet)

1 x Linco#BLK0510T Photography Studio Black Screen Backdrop Muslin Background(5 x 10 Feet)

5 x Linco#4228-1 Backdrop Holders

2 x Linco#4216-1 Linco New Designed Premium Photography Studio Backdrop Muslin Holder Clamp Clip

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