Apple Phone U Disk, Altavors 8g 16g 32g Otg USB Dual Disc Push-pull Computer Phone External Hard Drive Double Plug Apple Disk Iphone6/5 (8g Silver)

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  • Expanding iPhone / iPad storage space - Free up space on your iPhone by backing up all your photos, videos and files to the high capacity . No need to pay for recurring online Cloud storage subscription.
  • Support for multiple file formats - Stream tons of movies directly onto your iPad, anytime and anywhere you want, even on planes. No Internet or wireless network required.
  • Free App form App store for communication between our devices and i-flash Drive.
  • A grade chips, the most advanced COB packaging technology.
  • Dual USB interface, USB drive functions(Suitable for Samsung mobile phones)

Product Details

Product Description

10 features:
1. Contacts Backup: conduct contacts backup, backup contacts at any time
2. Data Exchange: photos, video and other file formats between the computer and the Apple device, interchange 
3. Capacity expansion: the Apple device itself can not expand capacity 
4. Recording module: U disk copy audio files directly out of the way to increase the audio file export 
5. Email attachments: a local store files as e-mail attachments, break Apple device itself limits 
6. Page Copy: copy text of a Web page, save it as a TXT text, save favorite articles and information
7. Third-party software: third-party software to play, the Apple device itself does not support the processing and editing file formats 
8. File encryption: local storage and external storage area of the file, can be encrypted, the security document
9. Software upgrade: Apple II software partner U disk free upgrades and updates constantly, constantly enhance product features
10. File management: You can create a new folder, for different files classified management and preservation

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